Monday, February 11, 2013

"I'm Gonna Need A Lot Of Happy To Get Over All Of The Sad."


 As of late, it seems that my Netflix interests have been as such: 

Not necessarily all of those shows, but it seems that ever since deciding upon going on this adventure my tastes in British television have only increased from the slightly obsessed to the full on version of obsessed. In honor of some of the British television I have watched lately or in the past, this is going to be a fun post of clips of delightfully British things! Mainly because I need some cheering up, and British things generally make me happy! So here goes:

We'll begin with the namesake of this blog...

Doctor Who Clips that make me smile:

Captain Jack Harkness when he believes to be facing certain death. Silly Captain Jack. You shouldn't be worried about death right now. You've only just been introduced, and your face is too pretty to kill off just yet.

If you haven't watched past Season 6 of Doctor Who then refer to video above, and kindly skip the next video. Thank you for you time.

Look how flustered he is! Matt Smith is adorable. 

Spoilers end here...sort of. Not really. If you're unaware of River Song you should probably skip to the next section.

My favorite are 8, 7, 5, 4, 3, and 1. "That's so close to the perfect sentence." Yes River, yes it is.

Sexy. The TARDIS is sexy. Teehee.

Donna is perfection. I could post the other 2 or 3 videos with her...but this one pretty much shows how perfect she is and makes me smile. So it qualifies. 

Downton Abbey Clips that make me smile: 

Dame Maggie Smith,  being amazing in Season 1. I was tempted to post the one for Season 2, but this just sums it up oh so nicely. 

For some reason I'm really enjoying Season 3 much more than the other seasons. It might be my favorite to date, because while the other two were great in their own ways, this season just mixes what I feel is the best of Season 1 and 2 and makes this beautiful baby. 

Sherlock Clips that make me smile: 

There's a severed head in the fridge. I's just great. And Sherlock's pouting and Watson's being reasonable. So much love.

He's wearing nothing but sheets in Buckingham I allowed to do that??? PLEASE?!!? Side note: how many times do you think it took to film him catching it just right so it didn't show any of his bum? Teehee. To be a fly on the wall while they were filming that...

Love is a dangerous disadvantage. Too true. I loved everything about Irene Adler in this episode. Every. Last. Detail. Dominatrix. Her code to a booby trapped safe were her measurements. The fact Sherlock looked at her in her power outfit and figured out said measurements. How set Sherlock's phone to that moaning noise for anytime she would send him a text. It just makes me so happy! 

Teehee. She mentions his impeccable cheek bones. Seriously, where are these boys and their cheekbones coming from?!

The Catherine Tate Show Clips that make me smile: 

This was my first clip into The Catherine Tate Show that showed me that I needed to watch Season 1 on Netflix. I'm still not completely finished, as I have found that too much British sketch comedy (even with the beautiful Catherine Tate) can be a bit much for me. But I love it all the same! 

David Tennant and Catherine Tate. That's all I really need to say here.

She's just not drunk enough! 

Elaine Figgis. Her first documentary with her husband on death row in Texas was funny, and this is even better. 

The IT Crowd Clips that make me smile: 

Fire. Made in Britain. I haven't seen this show in a while, but it still makes me smile so I'm adding it. 

Moss just makes this show for me. And it's about fire again...maybe there's a trend...

Yeah, because of that fire trend towards the end I decided to stop there, but I could go on. I hope these improve you day a little like they did mine, if only a little bit.

Thanks for listening!



  1. Thanks. Now I will have no life because I have to watch The Catherine Tate Show.