Monday, July 29, 2013

I Haven't Forgotten!


I haven't forgotten about you guys! I've just been in a weird mood the past few days, but I'm a little better now! Besides, nothing too terribly exciting has happened anyway... So no worries!

Where did we leave off? Right. A week ago. Geez. It's amazing how fast you can get behind, but luckily for all of you I have a fantastic memory with the help of a lot of pictures and class notes! Anyways, so I left off last Tuesday. To make this easier I'm just going to split this up by days!


The day started out nice and late in the morning. This meant I could have the proper amount of sleep needed to have a good day! That's always nice. I woke up and went to my first lecture about prisoners and how society sees them after prison. It was a very interesting essay, but that's what my school journal is for so I won't bore you with that stuff.

Afterward I was lazy and went to Subway for lunch...I know...shame on me.

 But if it's any reconciliation, I got a Dr. Pepper! It tasted just as good as the ones back home!
 After my lunch break which consisted of copious amounts of ice cream and youtube videos, we were off to tour the Supreme Court for class! Upon exiting the tube, this is what we were greeted with.

 That's right. Big Ben. I hadn't gone out of my way to see it up close, so it was a real treat to finally get to see it!

Oh so British

 On the way we almost got hit by cars. I decided to snap a photo for memories sake.

This was after I tried to get the Chorus Line people handing out flyers...but ended up taking this silly shot of Ariel instead.

Now look at the pretty buildings!

My snazzy new shoes

 We finally made it! It was a cool trip, we got to tour around a bit and sit in a courtroom!

 Afterwards, Levine, Bailey, and I walked towards the boats on the Thames to see if we could find a place for our last night party. I snapped some more pictures on the way!

Really, the City? 

 On the way we stopped at an ice cream stand, Levine didn't like his ice cream but I got a nifty popsicle that was absolutely tasty! I ended up buying some at Budgens the other day...but I'm getting ahead of myself.
See? I'm happy and Levine is mildly irritate! 

 After finding and getting information on the boat it was off to the Book of Mormon lottery. No luck this time, but it was still fun to be there!
 After that it was homeward bound for some more lonesome pizza!

Just me and my programs. 


Nothing much happened Thursday. We went on two site visits all in the same area so we ended up stopping at a bar that had the same menu as the Half Moon only to discover the bars were a MASSIVE chain that spread all around the UK. It's like a Mcdonald's but awesome and with alcohol.

Anyways, here's my lunch from that day!

I'm pretty sure for dinner I had something I threw together back in the dorms...because this is the only picture I have of that day. Oh wait! I remember what happened Thursday now! I went out with a few friends to a bar! It was pretty fun!


After sleeping in I ended up heading over once more to the Camden Markets to explore some more! Here's a bunch of pictures from my journey.

 This trip I ended up finding A BUNCH of vintage clothing stores, though I wasn't inclined to buy anything because the prices were a bit too much for me.

 Eventually I got hungry, and ended up taking a sample from the Pakistani booth and was sold.

 It was like a tortilla with cheese and some chicken mixture in the middle. It was simple and delicious!
 Ignore the fact it kinda looks like dog food. It was good, I swear.
This is where I ate!

 I really like willow trees.

Chalk art
After the market it was time to go once more to the Book of Mormon lottery! No winning...but still fun!

I got a lemonade slush! 
 After the lottery I ended up waiting around in my room until I got hungry. I wasn't in the mood to get on the tube again, so I hopped on a bus. On the way I found this nifty place:

Fun story, thought it was a cafe. Nope. It was a bakery. On top of that, even if I would've eaten there it had separate seating for women that they called priority I didn't feel inclined to stay. I did buy some pastries...that I later tried and didn't care for...but it was an experience damn it!

After that I hopped back on the bus to find real food. I ended up walking around and eating at a gelato place. I had already had a lot of pasta so I got chicken ceasar salad, a new favorite of mine.

And naturally gelato, as it is my one true weakness in this world.


Saturday morning I ended up sleeping in! It was so nice. Afterwards, I went to....Portobello Road Market in Nottingham! It was so cool! It was such a big market with lots of interesting stuff in the booths and in the stores on the actual street! I loved it so much! I didn't take very many pictures because there were so many people, but it was still fun!

Actual signs to lead you to the market from the tube

If I have enough money I'll bring it home with me
 A series of cute little houses

 I wish I had waited until I got further in the market to eat, but I hadn't eaten all day so I ended up stopping at the first food stand I saw. It was still good though!
 Here's The Electric! I wish I had time to watch a movie there with their fancy arm chairs and what not. But alas, it was not meant to be.

 While there I got a few presents and went to Poundland which is like our Dollar Tree but better.

Nifty subway sign
 I did the lottery both for the afternoon show and evening show for Book of Mormon Saturday but did not win. It's okay though, because after the evening lottery I went to Soho for dinner.
 That was my sophisticated 4 cheese grilled ciabatta. It was really tasty! The only reason I stopped at the wrap place though was because it was right next door to.....A GELATO PLACE!!! Yes, I'm going to miss bumping into gelato places at home as gelato is my favorite! This place was magical though, because you got four scoops and that nifty cone for five pounds!! FOUR SCOOPS!!! I don't even know what two scoops I want let alone four!!! Ugh. It was so good. I'll have to stumble upon it again before I go home.
 On the way home it ended up raining right when I got off my tube station for home. That's okay though, because I had packed an umbrella! I ended up taking a walk, because how can you not with rain in London? Especially since I love rain ever so.


Sunday I slept in until 12 o'clock! That was after my roommates woke me up at 9 because they just decided that regarding the fact I might still be sleeping was a foreign concept. I ended up going to the bathroom half asleep and then slamming my door as a hint. When that didn't work I started throwing things at my door, soda bottles, bottle caps the like. That still didn't work. I ended up just turning my music up until I fell asleep again and they were gone.

But that's besides the point. After I got up and ready to go I decided to go to the Freud Museum as my day's activity! It was actually the house he lived in while he lived in London the year before he died, but it was still super cool! Here' guessed it...all my pictures!

These are all just random houses. He lived in a really nice area with beautiful big brick houses that I wanted to live in.
 This is his house. Which was only his for a year. After that his daughter Anna took up residence here until she died and left it to the people who made it a museum.
 He had fantastic taste in furniture.

Art by the Wolf Man
 This was part of an exhibit in the house.

 More nice furniture.

Anna Freud 

Their adorable dog

 So while there I discovered that Sigmund Freud died on September 23, 1939. I also learned he loved dogs, had lots of them, he collected LOT of them. His whole office was filled with roman, Egyptian, and greek things he picked up in the shops in Vienna. It was a bit weird...but we move on.
 Oh, did I mention the cool front door?
The really steep walkway to get to the neighborhood. 

A nice thrift shop
After the Freud Museum...well...I just relaxed the rest of the day. It was rather nice.


Today! We made it! Not too much happened today so I'll be brief as I have to go to sleep eventually.

This morning we went to Royal Courts of Justice for a mock trial and tour. We weren't allowed to take any picture inside the building (lame, I know) but I got a few outside. Also, I wore a wig as the defense attorney in the mock trial. Boom. No pictures for you!

Mister Awesome Dragon

After that we got lunch a burrito place. I was not hungry at the time, but I picked up a burrito anyways. I'm glad I did too! It was actually much better than I thought it was going to be when I ate it after our second lecture! After eating the burrito while Levine checked our journals, Desiree, Bailey, and I went to go explore the Camden Markets! I brought a few more presents and drank a pina colada.

When we got back to campus we went to the Drunken Monkey for food. I didn't take a picture, because I get the same thing I always get. After that I came to the room, fixed a few of my facebook picture albums and caught up blogging!

Can't wait to blog in real time for tomorrow!

Thanks for listening!