Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Busy Day Blogging


I just had an eventful day today and I felt it would be good practice to get in the habit of...you know...taking pictures of things and finding a way to write about them that very day after being a little tired but still able to function.So I present to you, my not so eventful day in the Fort Worth/Dallas area with the help of a few pictures and my bad memory.

Let's begin.

To understand why I drove the necessary time to the metroplex this morning is because my father decided it was time to get my wisdom teeth taken out. Lovely, I know. So he sets me up a consultation during this wonderful Spring Break. He forces strongly suggests that my mother accompany me and we should go shopping or something.

Fast forward to today. The drive was boring as usual. Traffic in Fort Worth wasn't as bad as it was when I went to go see West Side Story at Bass Hall as a late Christmas present from Boyfriend.

I even got a Sharks butterscotch cupcake at Intermission! It was great, but unfortunately I'm getting side tracked. I just really wanted to show off my cupcake. Because Boyfriend said there wouldn't be enough time to go get one and I was really hungry so I ran across the street and got me one and this was my challenge accepted picture. We have fun.

Back to today. Boring drive. Get there like...an hour and a half early so we decide to grab some lunch. Now, when I go out of town, I make it a point to eat somewhere that my town does not have. Now, stopping on the way at McDonald's doesn't count. But when you're actually at your destination, it's always better to eat somewhere new. Especially since I eat fast food in town so much that there are times when I go on fasts from certain places so that way when I eat there again, it'll be better. The most notable example of that fact is Sonic.

Anyways, using our handy dandy GPS we decide on a delightful place entitled Joe's Family Restaurant. Turned out, it was right around the corner from where my appointment was! Which is funny, because when my parents took my little sister there a few weeks back apparently they drove around for an hour before finding somewhere to eat. Silly Dad and his misunderstanding of how useful the GPS can be.

So we sit down in this quaint little place, and it's alright. I'm still half asleep at this point as anyone who  knows me knows that I don't wake up until about 1:00 P.M. and I can't decide if I want breakfast or lunch. Then I take a glance at the top of the menu to find meatloaf on the menu.

Instantly thinking of Boyfriend's meatloaf (which is probably the best I've ever had) I decide "What the hell?" and order. It came with 3 sides so I figured if I didn't enjoy it, I could always dig in to fries, mac and cheese, and my mashed potatoes. Mom got the chicken fried steak and some other stuff I didn't really pay attention to, aren't I great?

This is a picture after I had mentally made the choice to try taking pictures today. It looks a little sad, because I had already eaten some...AND it had marinara sauce on it. This is after I had attempted to scrape all of that nonsense off. Who puts marinara sauce on meatloaf??? We encountered this at another diner in Bowie, and I'm just over all confused at this method of serving. It didn't even say it had marinara sauce, it just happened. It was alarming and I didn't like it.

But other than that it was great! I then went to my appointment where I was told I'd have to get all 4 wisdom teeth removed, but on the plus side it'll hopefully happen before I head off to London, so I won't have to worry about.

While in the waiting room, I had looked up thrift stores, antique places, goodwills, and a forever xxi. To start our crazy adventures we went to the Mansfield Antique Mall.

They had a cool sign out front. Mom's never really been to an antique store with me, but she didn't break anything and neither than I, so I suppose you could call this trip a success. I didn't buy anything, but I saw a few cool things while there that I took pictures of.

Some Pyrex casserole dishes.

A nifty sign that reminded me of some pot holders Boyfriend has at the lake.

A cool bar guide. It had 40 drinks and you just decided which one you wanted to indulge in and then roll it to that number where it would then instruct you how to make your drink! I almost got it, but then I remembered I'm not 21 yet, and Mom might raise an eyebrow at me buying a drinking guide...

If I had also purchased this set of shot glasses and decanter holder, I'm pretty sure Mom might ask me if I have a few things I want to tell her. I don't, but it's all so pretty and nifty, how could I refuse? 

Then I found these little guys hiding in a corner. I wanted to get them, but I couldn't bring myself to buy them...

After the Antique Mall we went in search of two thrift stores I had looked up. Both ended up not existing, and so we dragged our way to the first Goodwill I looked up. 

Now make note, I am generally pro-Goodwill. I think they're a great place to go, however, this particular Goodwill just didn't set right with me. For one, it was really busy and as I'm not a fan of...you know...people in general  so this was the first strike. Second, everything was color coded, which is sometimes nice if done correctly, but this wasn't. I can't explain it, it was just wrong. Third strike, the shoes were all in a bin. Now, I know you can't expect much but I mean generally every other one I've been too the shoes are all nice and displayed. Digging for my shoes is not what I came here to do. And finally the other stuff was very oddly arranged. Oh, did I mention there was no dress section? I rest my case.

I whisked Mom out of this Goodwill in search of the other 2 I had located near the mall. The first one didn't exist anymore, but the second one was alive and well! I didn't take a picture of the store, but I did manage to purchase part of my childhood back, and a new record to add to my ever growing collection. 

My record addition is the Original Cast Album of Pippin. Which I got because A. Stephen Schwartz did the music and lyrics and B. . That's Julia Murney. She's amazing. And look at her in that dress!! She's rocking it! Not that this video was the only reason I picked up the record....but it helped. ;)

Here we have Disney's The Fox and the Hound, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast! Here at our Goodwill these Disney classics go for $4.99 easy. Why? No one knows. Perhaps it's part of the curse of our town. Anyways, these were picked up for a mere $1 each. Don't mind if I do!

I also grabbed All Dogs Go to Heaven, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Great Mouse Detective, and The Land Before Time. Looking at the front cover of All Dogs Go to Heaven I'm beginning to see why I've always really wanted a German Shepherd...Also where my obsession with dinosaurs came in...and you know...where I got my information on mice and rats. Thank you childhood. 

Finally we went to the mall, where nothing exciting really happened. I did eat two Auntie Anne's pretzels by myself...but it was SO worth it. Mom also got me some leggings that I'll probably end up taking with me to London, as they are comfortable and will go with many a dress. Also while at the mall, I've decided I want to try and become a hat person this summer. A few winters ago I took it upon myself to wear more scarves and be a scarf person. Now it'll just be hats. 

I secretly blame Vincent Van Gogh in Doctor Who.

Also Matt Smith. 
And Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill...for good measure. 

Anyways, this is what night blogging/tired one day blogging will be like.....

At least it will be about an exciting place like London! 

Thanks for listening!



  1. Oooo I love antique malls! They're my favorite. Great Disney finds!

    Nestled in Nostalgia

    1. Thanks for following! And I love rewatching movies from my childhood and laughing at the jokes I didn't understand. :)

  2. Hi Patricia! I just noticed you are following my blog so I'm returning the favor. Great post!!