Monday, April 8, 2013

Oh What A Sad Day


So I have some good news and I have some bad news.

I'll start with the good news, this post is going to be a bunch of GIFS from tumblr that describe my emotions! It'll be a fun journey for all!

Here's the bad news:

So this morning while I'm in class, I get a call from the study abroad lady asking me to call her or stop by and see her.

Naturally, I'm assuming the worst. You see, a few weeks back she warned me that the Sociology program that I signed up for might not make the cut which would be the first time in...well, a really really long time. So I just assume, "Nah! That won't happen!"

This sums up how that went...
I decide to go straight to the office, which is in the same building I'm having class in and hope for the best. When I walk in, and hear the man overseeing everything on the phone talking with a sense of panic/urgency I know something is up. The lady asks if I have time to sit down for a bit and so I sit expecting what I already feel to be true. She then informs me that the Sociology didn't go through. Apparently only four people, including myself, signed up for that particular program. 

Now comes the time where she asks if I'd like my refund check back or if there was another class I could take. Well, I had talked to my adviser about this in case this situation before me actually happened, and we had agreed that I could perhaps take the Shakespeare course and use it towards a humanities credit. When I suggest this new course of action, I become informed that the Shakespeare course also didn't quite make the cut, and that the Study Abroad office had been frantically calling people to let them know all morning. Great...The next few gifs are all internal, as I had to keep my cool and try not to start bawling because my Highclere Castle ticket has been purchased for months...

The original emotional response...


and continued

Gave way to sad feelings

with this

and this

and a nice mixture of the two. "YOU'RE TEARING ME APART!" 

Study Abroad Lady takes me through the other options available, and calls my adviser in an attempt to get this sorted out at once. I'm a Psychology major with a minor in Sociology so getting anything like Theatre or Photography to fit was a large stretch. I already had my history credits thanks to my short time at UNT and so those were out. The language one was a stretch for my humanities. However, there was one Criminal Justice course left that had, for some strange reason that I don't understand how people signed up for it over Sociology, made it through. The Head Honcho guy in charge used to be real big in the Sociology department before he switched over to the study abroad area of the school, and he came out after talking to one of the other Professors going and asked what was going on. He proceeded to talk to my adviser  explaining that the Criminal Justice should fit in place of some Sociology course we have on campus. Upon hearing that, my emotions changed to:

Awkward victory dance!

Hell yeah!
He even said that if she was having trouble convincing the Sociology heads that it wouldn't work, just have them call him and he'd sort it all out. 

What I could've done

Thank you!!!
My adviser still hasn't called me, so nothing is sorted out yet. I am very disappointed that I'm not going to get to have an actual Sociology class, as it's one of my favorite areas of study. And to be honest I know very little about Criminal Justice, nor have I ever had the inclination to take it as a course with the exception of the small phase when I wanted to be in the FBI or CIA. We'll see how this goes though, whatever class I manage to get into I will be grateful for the opportunity. Here's to hoping!

Thanks for listening!



  1. I held my breath the entire time I was reading this. I think my heart rate spiked. Holy cow

  2. adviser didn't call me back today and Dena asked her to try and have it figured out either today or tomorrow...

    1. So it's pretty much she figures it out on her own or Dr Williams tells her how to figure it out? Or am I confused?

    2. Well, like I said, he talked to her but she said she had to make calls or figure it out or something. Dr. Williams said he would personally write the class substitution form if he had in my head I'm still going unless they give me horribly bad news tomorrow.