Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Anniversary!


I know...this is supposed to be a London Study Abroad blog. I am vividly aware. However, it's my blog and I think it needs to be an accurate representation of me and all the things I like/do. Maybe this first part is really just the get-to-know-me phase until I know...board the plane and am actually on a different continent.

Anyways, I really love Doctor Who in a completely unhealthy obsessional way that can be explained by this video right here:

And if you haven't seen season 6 of Doctor Who, then you just need to be aware:

On April 22, 2011 The Doctor dies at Lake Silencio, Utah at 5:02 P.M. What the what?! That's today!!! 

But anyone who is still reading past this point is aware (or is unaware and about to be made aware) this is also the day in which River "kills" the doctor. In a series of events that can be explained by the series 6 finales episode entitled The Wedding of River Song, River refuses to kill the Doctor and creates and alternate reality in which all of history is happening at once. 
Train in the middle of London air?!

Pterodactyls in a park?!

Romans in the street!?

United States Area 52 in the Egyptian pyramids?! With a cast of completely British people manning the base?!

Time is dying. The Doctor must fix it, but River doesn't want to kill him or see him die. So what do they do? What anyone in this dire situation would do: they get hitched in an alternate timeline!

In a clip, Alex Kingston says that River would probably have wanted something a bit more splendid than the wedding she got. However, I must say that getting married on top of the pyramids (no matter how plain of a ceremony) is pretty splendid. Not to say I'm going to drag Boyfriend to the pyramids to get married, as it is too terribly hot to get married in a desert. 

But yeah, Happy Anniversary to River and the Doctor! 

Don't give me that look either, this was completely worth of a blog post. Now go celebrate their anniversary by doing something exciting! Or just go have a drink. Or watch Doctor Who. Or just stalk the River Song tag on tumblr until all your feels overwhelm you. It's whatever really. Anyways...

Thanks for listening!


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