Friday, April 12, 2013

Kingston, Alex Kingston


Thanks to my friend over at Across the Pond I have discovered something very incredible that I must share immediately.

Alex Kingston, THE Alex Kingston will be in England during the month of July to play Lady Macbeth in the Manchester International Festival production of Macbeth.

All the tickets, however, were sold out BEFORE they even announced Alex Kingston's role in the production!! Which, I mean, Kenneth Branagh is Macbeth/co-directing it...but still...I just don't understand! I looked him up, as I had no idea who he was off of the top of my head, and he voiced Miguel in The Road to El Dorado and played Gilderoy Lockhart in the Harry Potter that's cool.

But Alex Kingston!!! Lady Macbeth!! I actually even know what Macbeth is about because we studied it in my senior year in High School and I actually enjoyed it!! Luckily they are showing a live broadcasting of it for one night only. At first I was confused, as I figured they would film it and then broadcast it...however I forgot that live means LIVE. We'll get to see it, just as like...a picnic version. Which is probably for the best as the whole time I'll probably just cling to my pillow and weep silently to myself. (I know, I'm pathetic but I'm really excited!) But my excitement level has shot through the roof!! I can't handle I'm going to show you a collage of the reasons why I love Alex GIF format.

Reasons Why I Love Alex Kingston: 
A GIF Diary



  1. I can't believe you're choosing Alex Kingston over PARIS! haha

    1. Not necessarily choosing! Both can be accomplished with careful planning, you'll see.

    2. I'm not quite sure how, but I'll let you try to explain :P .Remember, Highclere is day 1 of break!

  2. I love Alex Kingston! Who doesn't?

    1. People that are just unaware of how much they actually love her! Haha thanks for the comment!