Monday, April 29, 2013

It's Time For A Change


London is 65 days away. Two months and a little bit extra. Goodness gracious. The trip itself has been paid for as of last Thursday. I'm beginning to worry about the little things now. When is the refund check coming in so I can order train tickets and book hotels? What am I going to eat? I've seen some of the food...dear God, I don't even like fish. How am I getting to the airport? What am I going to pack? I'm going to have to pick shoes to take. I love all of my shoes. I want to take them all. I also love all of my dresses. I can't wear dresses every day in London...can I?!

It's all happening faster than I thought it would back in January! But underneath all of that silly worrying I really am very excited! My refund check went through, so in about 5 days time I will be able to purchase all of those pesky things like train tickets and hotels that are important to the traveling experience.

I'm really a very laid back kinda person, so the planning aspect of this blog has kinda gone unused. I'm more excited about doing than planning! It's nice to have a plan, but once I'm there I think everything will hit me and it will be amazing!

But until that time, I think I'm going to do some rethinking about the things I'll post here. I mean, I'd love to keep this a strictly study abroad blog, but I'm having so much fun posting things! Even though I don't post all the time, I'd like to make a habit of it. It's very relaxing to write this way, and I mean, I was never one to keep journals as a kid because I always ended up doodling in them and then forgetting about them.

I also don't like the feeling of being constricted to one category. Not to say that doing that is bad or anything, I just do a lot of things and I mean, sharing is caring right? So that's why I'm going to try this 30 Day Blogging Challenge as an attempt to:

A. Post more often! (A post a day?! What the what?!)
B. Expand what I post about
C. And get used to the posting once a day like I ideally would like to do in London, even if it's just a picture or two as a sneak preview for a bigger blog post ;)

In all serious though, I really do want to expand on my posts. I like a lot of things and it'd be neat to find the people who like the same things I do! So let's kick of that challenge now, shall we?

I know, I know. It's made for tumblr. I'll probably indulge there as well while I'm at it. Yes, I have a tumblr. It's mainly me fangirling over Alex Kingston. You thought I did it here? You haven't seen my tumblr page. It's quite scary actually. Oh! And inappropriate jokes! Maybe not inappropriate in the way you're probably thinking, just bad taste jokes that make me smile.

Anyways! On to the challenge!

Day 1: Write some basic things about yourself.

This won't be too difficult. I'm 20 years old. I currently reside in Boring Small Town, Texas. Yes, you could probably find it on a map if you tried hard enough. Anyway, there's really not much to do in Boring Small Town, so you make your own fun. And when that doesn't work you go to Boyfriend's swanky lake cabin. Guess which one I do more often? Anyways, I'm going to school right now and earning my Bachelor's in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. I'm kind of a nerd like that. Psychology and sociology are really the only things that interest me in school nowadays. I work at the local Jimmy John's as a delivery driver. I've been searching for new work, but to no avail. But the tips can be good and the managers (for the most part) like me enough that my schedule is catered to my needs. Like I don't really work weekends. Or nights. That's nice. And in return I try to cater school to where I'll have decent hours for them. It doesn't always work out, but I do try. I also enjoy doing community theatre in my spare time too. There are two theatre's in town, and I jump back and forth between the two. I haven't done anything since the Christmas show Miracle on 34th Street. I played a legal secretary named Clara. I had about four lines. I'm kind of a big deal. Haha!

Playing secretaries seems to be a trend though. As in Zombie Prom I played Eddie Flagrante's secretary, and then in Thoroughly Modern Millie I played Miss Flannery who is head of all the secretaries. It was the year of secretaries.

That's me as Miss Flannery!

From Boyfriend's Blog
That's the dress I wore as the secretary in Zombie Prom. That's another thing I do enjoy. I've recently found myself loving vintage clothes more and more. It doesn't help that I follow a lot of fashion blogs that take adorable pictures of the cute outfits they wear. I'm not very photogenic or else I'd really like to turn this into one of those kinds of blogs. I'll see how London works out and if I can get more photogenic between now and then I'll try it out. 

I do like to dress up. Getting all fancy (even if it's just a sun dress and heels) always makes me feel good. It's right up there with bubble baths, chocolate, and Doctor Who. Not necessarily at the same time, but individually. I used to hate dresses, but I really don't know why looking back. I mean, you don't have to wear pants! It's quite magical actually. My closet is overflowing with all of my dresses. Someday I'll have racks for my clothes, those always look more neat and I can see everything. Closets and dressers and trunks aren't working out for me. 

I'm 5'7. When I wear heels I'm even taller. I like being taller, though not necessarily the bigger boned aspect. Do you understand how hard it is to find vintage dresses in my size? It's really hard with my Mexican hips and boobs. Oh yeah, I'm Mexican. Mexican-American technically, as I wasn't actually born in Mexico and have never been. (Though I suppose I should make the journey someday). I speak awful Spanish. 

I like musicals. They're fun to listen to and be in. Singing and dancing and fantastic costumes really just need to be a part of life full time already. I like to bake. I've gotten into a habit of buying old cook books. Someday I'll actually cook from them. For now I just pick and choose the recipes that sound good. Maybe it'll be like a Julie & Julia thing. That could be fun. If I had the time. Or the money. 

My favorite color is purple. I have a dog (corgi mix named Corabelle). She's precious and socially awkward. Kinda like me! Except I'm not so much precious as I am feisty. My favorite food shall always and eternally be grilled cheese sandwiches. I used to be a sort of vegetarian. Bad experience with hamburger meat as a child, I still don't eat hamburgers. 

And there ya go! That was fun! I apologize if it was basically me rambling, but it feels like a hundred degrees in my room right now and the windows are open and the ceiling fan is on and nothing is working. It's really sad actually.

I'll let you be now...but if you got this far congratulations! Stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow!

Thanks for listening!


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  1. Yay! I was afraid we were going to have to walk to France! :D