Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 3


Day 03: My Day In Detail

Well let's see. I woke up at about nine-thirty after having a weird dream about London. Didn't actually get to London, just the awkward packing moments. It was a bit weird, though I wanted to stay asleep because this was my last Wednesday of going to class, and then going straight to work for six hours and then going to my night class. Wednesday's generally suck. I went to class and discovered that River Song in the season finale is apparently Post Library River Song!

For being in a computer for so long she sure looks fantastic! 
Then I proceeded to zone out during class and try and figure out how River could be out of the library. There were lots of interesting ideas on tumblr. Though I'm not really getting my hopes up that this is a permanent solution as Moffat is evil and has already given the clue that it's basically going to be like one giant funeral the whole episode. There's a part of me that wants to say that this River isn't going to be quite the same River that we all know and love. Another part of me is just really excited to finally see River and Clara interact, cause the hand holding's cute but I want to see how the Doctor treats Clara once River's back in the picture. Also, I just have this gut feeling River's story isn't going to end well at all, so yeah. Forever the pessimist here.

After fan girling about that for the whole class I went to work. The guy named Ben who had long hair got fired today because he was lazy and annoying. Instead we now have tall Jason who is a touch awkward but nice I suppose.  The first part of the day was relatively slow. My first delivery I didn't get tipped on, but for most of the morning I was just happy that I was going to get to see River Song again in a few weeks. It wasn't until about two-thirty that things started picking up. Ironically, I had decided that I was going to stop by Chicken Express on the delivery right before all hell broke loose. After that, every time I returned to the store I had at least three deliveries at once. I almost ran over a biking Mormon who drove in front of my car. I saw the same Mormons later on my adventures and waved but they ignored me. Rude. I talked to some Mexicans at a car wash, which took much more time than it really should have to find the guy who actually ordered. Finally, I get back to the store and there's no more deliveries with only twenty minutes until it was time for me to go. Adriana brought Shelena caramel chocolates, and shared them with me. I made a sandwich because, up until this point, I had not eaten all day however I had already promised friend Jennifer I would go out to eat with her after my night class. Usually when we go out to eat after night class I've shoveled down the biggest sandwich at work I can tolerably eat, with chips and a cookie. Today I made a small sandwich and only ate half of it in preparation for dinner. Before I got off work, I changed from my uniform into my polka dotted dress with this new belt I got at an estate sale that is perfection and boots for my presentation in night class. I made a good chunk of change in tips, so that was nice.

I then went to the school and talked to some kids in my night class about all the presentations we had to give. Trent, the guy who sits beside me, was freaking out because he hates giving presentations. I was a bit nervous, but no more than I usually am. Finally my teacher gets there and I am the first to present. She said my dress was cute! This is a huge compliment mainly because she always comes in dressed all fancy and adorable and generally when I went to that class I looked like A. I had just pulled myself out of bed from taking a nap or B. Just gotten off of work and looked awful. So that was nice. I gave my presentation. It went well. Trent gave his, he was a bit nervous but he did alright. We got our research papers back and I made a B! This is exciting because I wrote this ten page research paper the night before! Procrastination skills level up! At the end of class, there were still like...four people who had to go so I stayed behind to listen to three of them. At 7:10 I decided enough was enough. I already had my research paper and there really was no reason to stay. As I was leaving, Trent asked me where I was going as we only had one more guy left. I said, "I've got to go, but it's been fun!" snapped and did my gun pointy thing (that's the only way I can describe the hand motion, it's not actually a gun it just looks like it) and left. It felt like I was breaking up with him. That was fun.

I then had a very enjoyable dinner with my friend Jennifer. She caught me up on all of what was going on in her life and I caught her up with mine. I had Spasagna. I then came home and laid down and got on my computer to type this up. Oh! I just realized I have a mini-assignment due tonight before midnight! Gotta go! Be back tomorrow! Hope this wasn't too terribly boring, but I did get into detail! That's good!

Thanks for listening!


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