Friday, May 17, 2013

Five Places You Want to Visit


We're back in business. No, I don't yet have a computer. But I'm using my parents lap top...which is kind of the same thing but not really. I'm still vigorously saving for a new one before the London trip, but we'll see how it goes. I'm going to try and continue this "posting once a day" thing, however it'll probably just be the weekdays that I post. I've recently begun a vigorous new work schedule in order to make the moneys.

So without further ado:

Day 05: Five Places You Want to Visit

1. A Car Boot Sale in London.

Okay, so I've looked into a few of them, and they sound like the British version of flea markets. Some cost to get in, others don't. But I do want to go to at least 1 while I am in London. I wanted to go the the Sunbury Antique Market, but it's only open on Tuesdays so I'll have class. But it's okay! I have a list of them favorited on my lap top, so I'll look into more of them when we get there.

2. Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios

So the books ended a while back, and the movies only ended recently, but that does not stop me from still being a big Harry Potter fan. Maybe not as much as I used to be, but I will always be one at heart. Not everything can last 50 years like Doctor Who. And so, I would like to someday visit the theme park of my childhood some day.

3. Disneyland

I openly admit that I am very much still a child in a twenty year old's body. I went to Disney World when I was in the 8th grade as a class trip and had a fantastic time! I had just found a love of roller coasters (not too scary ones, but I mean...I can handle my roller coasters) and it was a great time. I'd love to go to its counterpart in California.

4. Mexico

I'm uncertain if it's for the bragging rights or the fact that it would make fantastic jokes in the future, but at some point I feel it's a right of passage I need to make. I'm not too sure if this is me just crossing the border to say I did it (I do have a passport!) or if this means going on a fantastic cruise and seeing it that way. It just needs to happen.

5. Venice

No, not just because of the one episode called the Vampires of Venice. It would be fun! Italian. I could ride in a gondola!

Anyways, as I was typing this up I realized that I'm taking off two big parts of where I want to go with this trip i.e. London and Paris. I'd also like to someday explore both France and The United Kingdom more thoroughly then I will get to in this one month, so it's definitely going to be worth the return trip, however I feel that I should post places I haven't been or won't be going to in order to keep things fresh!

Thanks for listening!


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