Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Falling Slowly


Today was the second day of class. I had two lectures to attend to. The first lecture was at a school in Westminster so we were met up bright and early at 8:45. Naturally, I was half asleep. Luckily I planned it well enough to get breakfast of cereal and toast and then rush over to our meeting destination.

We traveled to the school and I don't quite remember most of it. I was honestly half asleep until lunch time. Which was a nice dinner at an Italian Kitchen named Ponti's. There was a lunch special of pasta and salad for five pounds! Sign me up!
 I ate lunch with a few people from my criminal justice class and our professor. It was a nice lunch of conversation and delicious food! I ordered the pasta with a chicken ceasar salad. I don't normally just order pasta without knowing everything in it, but I decided to take a risk. There was plenty of water and salt to be had so I figured it was worth the risk. And if I didn't like the pasta I could eat the chicken out of the salad.
 It was fantastic! The pasta was basically marinara sauce and noodles and the salad had some heavenly dressing on it and now other vegetables besides lettuce with bacon!
 All scraped clean! After lunch we walked around and shopped a bit. On the way to the tube station I found a waffle place and had to stop!
 My milk chocolate and cream waffle. It was also quite good! Not as good as the one with ice cream on it, but still equally fantastic. I then went to my second class and after that I wanted to try and make the Book of Mormon lottery. Didn't quite make it, but we ended up walking to the tkts booth to see what offers they had.  Nothing sounded too appealing to we journeyed off into the city to find theatres to check box offices.
Cool building on the way
We stopped by Matilda, but it was a full house. After that we went after the Phoenix Theatre showing Once. We went in to check on the tickets and we asked the general questions. Do you give student discounts? How much are tickets? She said every price range was open, so at about twenty pounds we could sit in the upper levels and get to the see the show. So I ask the lady for twenty pound tickets. I pay for the tickets, and then she says you are in Stalls K 1 and 2. I look down at the map of the theatre to find that the stalls our the floor seats. She then says they normally cost about seventy pounds! Fantastic!

 After getting our tickets we went across the street to a tiny Italian cafe (apparently it was an Italian kind of day). The pepperoni pizza had olives on it, and I wasn't in the mood to pick them out so I got a ham and cheese panini instead.

 We then got seats in our seats. It was a fantastic theatre! The show was fantastic! You could go on stage and get a beer before and during intermission. I wanted to, but I'm not much of a beer fan myself so I just refrained and watched instead.
 After the show, Friend Jordan and I went to the stage door. Unlike yesterday's show, there was not a huge crowd of people. Only a few people here and there. Most were friends of the actors so it felt a bit odd. Luckily another group of Americans joined us at the stage door right as man playing the Guy came out (I didn't buy a program so I don't know his name, but he was absolutely fantastic!). A guy had a bet he couldn't get a hug from anyone in the cast and Guy just went up and hugged him. After that everyone snapped pictures and friend Jordan and I joined in!
I look bad but that's cool because he was nice
And that was my first Tuesday in London! Tomorrow's a rather chill day with two lectures on campus. No traveling. I'll probably take a nap or something. It sounds divine. Until tomorrow!

Thanks for listening!


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