Tuesday, July 23, 2013

First Day Back


This was my first day back to class after the nice mini-break! I haven't really been up to much, because I'm trying to save my money for food this week and next so I can go crazy and buy all the stuff I want to on the weekends. As a quick warning, the next few days might be a bit boring and I'm sorry.

Side note: I do love London a lot, but I'm really wanting to get back home to all the people I love. Not that I don't like the people I know/met here, it's not quite the same as calling up some of your best friends to go out and do stuff with.

Anyways, enough depressing crap. Onto my day's activities!

Which included, but was not limited to, eating, walking, going to class. No necessarily in that order.

I started the day off by going to my first lecture of the day. It was a pretty neat lecture and I actually asked a question, which was good since I'm supposed to be participating in class and stuff but I'm really bad at coming up with questions.

After that I came back to my dorm and ate cereal and cereal ice cream and watched youtube videos...I know...I'm living the life.

Then it was back to class where we talked with this movie producer guy who used to be a cop and started a filming program to help kids stay busy instead of doing bad thing. He was pretty cool!

After that it was off to the Prince of Wales theatre to play the Book of Mormon lottery! I have made it my new goal to go every day when I have the time. Luckily nothing is really planned for the next week and three days so I'm hoping that one of these days I win! If not, at least I tried.

Round 2!

 It started raining a bit so I ended up buying a British flag umbrella that fits in my purse! Also the guy who sold it to me was trying to get me to go out with him, so I got it for 3 pounds when it was actually 6! Way to go me!

After that I ended up not winning today, but that's okay because I decided I could just go find dinner in central London! Ha. Finding dinner for me is such a hard process. I ended up walking all over London. I started in Leicester Square and worked my way to the Jubilee Market. My journey's pictures:

I found a Canadian bar! 

I found the North Face store, but I am not an adventurer like the people who wear North Face so I decided to skip it. 

 The Jubilee Market was pretty cool! There were a bunch of stalls with touristy stuff, but I think I liked the feel of the Camden Markets a bit more. But it was still cool to see!
 There were all kinds of little shows going on. There was a group of string instruments playing music, one guy was singing Mad World, and all kinds of stuff!

After that I continued walking trying to find a tube station because I still hadn't found anything that sounded good except gelato. I ended up not getting gelato because I had ice cream in the freezer at the dorm. On the walk I did find the Cellar Door!! I'll have to go next Thursday! It was open mic night tonight and I wasn't feeling up to staying there long if I went. But I'll have to try it out before I go! It looks super cool!
 I went into a tiny Top Shop. The clothes are pretty, but super expensive (at least for me).
 After walking for a while I ended up by the London Eye and just hopped on a tube line back to the dorms. It was a bit hot and I just needed some food. I ended up going back to the Drunken Monkey and eating fried rice again! It was really good, but then again, you can't go wrong with fried rice and A LOT of soy sauce.
 After that I talked to Friend Alex on Skype and ate more ice cream with cereal.
Straight out of the tub, because that's how I roll
We have a site visit tomorrow somewhere, so perhaps I'll have a bit more to post about! Until then...

Thanks for listening!


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