Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'm Artistic and Mathematical


Bright and early this morning I got up to go to my review session with Professor Levine. Originally we were supposed to go to the canal right by our school and have class outside, but it was a tad bit chilly for most everyone's taste so we moved inside. Luckily, Levine got up early and went to two bakeries and got the class pastries for breakfast! He's such a sweetheart.

I picked a cream filled on with a fluffy outer shell that had some sort of fruit in it buried in the cream. I ended up just eating the outer shell and most of the cream and throwing away the fruit...but it was still tasty good! After our review session we had ten minutes to get dressed in our business casual wear for our visit to a Youth Action Diversity Trust, which was the fancy way of saying a community center. 

This was our first real site visit, so we got to take the overground. It was a lot nicer than the tube, and much less busy. We were practically the only ones in our car. Everyone was really excited to finally be getting out and about, as it seemed everyone else had already been going places and we had been stuck on campus a lot this first week. 

It was a rough morning...waking up before nine...not my style

Me and Emmi

That's Sarah, she's cool

The platform followed by a series of random pictures on the way there

Everything's so green!
 We got off at our station and had to take a bus the rest of the way. We went to the first stop, but it was going to take too long before another bus came so we walked to another stop. The area we were in was very quaint and very what I feel is what I perceived England to be like.
 There were a bunch of cute little homes that we passed through but I felt bad taking pictures of people's houses when I was walking right past.
 We got to the center just in time and were greeted by a very cheerful British man and two young workers. They led us to a gym area where our lunch was provided. There were finger sandwiches, fruit, breads, little finger foods. It was pretty fantastic! I ate mayo on my sandwich and didn't feel like throwing up, which was a plus since I usually hate mayo. This mayo has a different flavor than what I perceive as we'll see if this new trend holds up when I get back to the states.
The plate was super cute
 The lecture was very good. The guy leading the lecture was interesting and we actually talked about things like body language and perceptions of the world. The demonstration he set up for us was fun and he even did little magic tricks! We took a test that would determine how we think or learn better, I'm not sure which. After we added up our results he went through individually and basically told us our learning ways/working personalities. Most everyone's was spot on. For mine he said I was very analytic. He also said that I probably acted certain ways around certain people. For friends I would want to be chill, with people I worked with I'd want them to see me as hard working, family I'd act one way etc. He also said that I was mathematical or artistic and when I kinda shrugged a bit he was like, or maybe both. And I nodded my head and he explained how math and art actually kinda went together. He was pretty accurate on most things, which was really cool.

From L to R: Bailey, Sarah, Ariel, Fantastic man, Me, Ariel, and Desiree 

Fantastic man and Levine
 We walked back to the station where we had to wait twenty minutes for the train. I got a candy bar and wrote in my journal about he lecture so I wouldn't have to do it later.
 When we got back to campus I still needed to go get a bag for this weekend's trip (I'll blog about it later!). Bailey offered to come with so we changed into comfortable clothes and we awayed into the city! I wanted to go to Primark to get my bag, but I forgot the station it was closed we got off a station later than we needed to. But there were plenty of shops that had bags and I got mine a place called next. It's cute, but I didn't take a picture and I'm too lazy to do it now. So you'll see after this weekend! After we got my bag food was a must as we'd only eaten a little all day. We wandered around for a little while before we finally came upon a small pizza place! Yummy! We both discovered that we really just eat pepperoni pizza (which is great for sharing!) so it worked out really well! I got my first British coke and we chowed down!

 Sooooo good! She got the pizza so I brought dessert, she got Ben & Jerry's ice cream and I went with a traditional chocolate cake. It was so rich and delicious! I almost couldn't eat it. But I overcame and ate the whole slice. It also came on a cute little doily! Precious!
 On the way home we passed by a cute bridal store with dresses in the window. Being girls, we had to take a look. The dresses were so pretty I took pictures!

After that we looked at a super touristy store and then found the tube station home. I found a leather jacket that reminds of Martha's from Doctor Who that I might buy at the end of the trip if I have enough money. 

I'm all packed and a little nervous/excited for tomorrow! I don't want to spoil it, so you'll have to wait and see!

Thanks for listening!



  1. Sounds like you're having a great time...and lots of great food. How long will you be there?