Monday, July 15, 2013

Nothing Like a Home-cooked Meal


Today was like any Monday, a bit dragging and sad. But that's okay! Because it ended up being good in the end!

It started out bright and early at 8am. We went on a site visit so we were all dressed in our business casual during this "heat wave". Despite not feeling like it's all that hot, it still isn't pleasant to wear pants around London right now. So we went for coffee in the morning and I got tea, but asked for it iced. The guy was a bit confused but humored me and gave me my tea.

It was very soothing
After tea we went to our site. We ended up getting there a little early so we waited at a nearby church and gave our research topics to our professor. My research paper is going to be about the treatment of the mentally ill and how things are similar and different in the United States. I know, I'm all scholarly and what not.

It was such a pretty church! After that we went on our hectic visit and then we were released for a long break before our second lecture. Sarah and I joined forces and went to a restaurant down the way called Half Moon. It's more of a pub, but the food and drinks were cheap and delicious. I ordered a hot dog with bacon and chips. I got lemonade (which tasted like carbonated sprite with lemon) and an order of Haymaker cider that was a bit too strong for a casual lunch so I didn't drink very much of it.
 After lunch we went down to the phone store and loaded Sarah up with minutes and then we went to the Primark because it was right next door! I ended up leaving with some socks, tights, and hand sanitizer. I shouldn't be allowed to go inside of there at all...

After our second lecture, a bunch of us in class decided to have a home cooked meal tonight. I decided to make slutty brownies (cookie, oreo, and then brownie batter) and Ariel made spaghetti, sauce, garlic bread, and salad. It was all so good! A bunch of people came over and we just had dinner. It was neat.

Food line


After dinner I came back to my room to shower and Skype with Friend Jennifer and Boyfriend! Overall it was a fantastic way to end a normal Monday!

-Thanks for listening! 


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