Monday, July 8, 2013

"Do you want to play 'England vs Ireland'?"


I thought today wasn't going to be all that interesting. My class didn't start until 11, and it was our main professor as most of the time we just have guest lecturers that come and talk to us. I got up an hour before and made myself a nice breakfast of eggs and toast!

This picture reminds me that I need to run to the store and buy some salt, as I can't handle another day of unsalted eggs. I went to class only to discover someone had pulled the fire alarm where our class was being held, so it ended up starting fifteen minutes later then scheduled. After the first lecture, I ran down to the phone place to get me a phone. I ended up only paying 23 pounds because my little phone charger was different than the plugs here, so I also got a wall plug in! The phone, however, isn't quite working so I'm going to take it back tomorrow to see if they can fix it for me. With that taken care of, I run down to my second lecture with a delightful British man that either thinks I understand his sarcastic/dry sense of humor excellently or thinks I was rude for giggling at some of the stuff he said. Either way, it was a nice as far as lectures go.

After class I called Boyfriend and we talked for a bit. That was actually probably the highlight of my day, even with the next few paragraphs and pictures I'm going to show you. That will tell you how much Boyfriend means to me right there. 

After talking with Boyfriend, I met up with Friend Jordan and we awayed for half price ticket booth. We ended up getting off at the wrong station, and decided to walk to the square. We got a bit turned around, but found a really cool area of town with lots of little shops and cafes. When it started getting a bit later, we started looking for theatres to just see if they had any left over tickets. We passed Matilda but it was not open, so we moved on as we made our way to the ticket booth. Finally, we happen upon the Noel Coward Theatre, currently playing....Drumroll please!

 The Cripple of Inishmaan featuring Daniel Radcliffe as Billy!!! I was just in the same theatre as Harry Potter. It was fantastic! We ended up just buying tickets at the box office and ended up in our own box. Before I went away to get food, I made sure to ask the nice lady at the box office where the Stage Door was. She told me and then with a knowing smile said, "And Daniel Radcliffe is in the house." I smiled back and went to go grab food at the little sandwich place right across the street as I had skipped lunch.

I was so hungry I just grabbed it and started eating. It was a toasted ham and cheese sandwich and it was amazing! I had some salt and vinegar chips that rivaled, if not beat my favorite salt and vinegar chips from Jimmy John's. I ended up finding a seat behind the theatre while Friend Jordan took my picture for me.

Jordan's bad about not telling me when she has or has not pressed the button

 I ran to the bin across the street and got a few pictures while I was there.

We walked in a few minutes after finishing my fantastic dinner and our box is very close to the front door, which is very convenient for later. I then took a bunch of probably not technically allowed pictures but I was just so excited! Besides, I didn't see the signs until after...
Box office view
Box office selfie
 Pictures hung up on the walls

 The go around tour.

With program
The show was fantastic! It was funny and a little bit sad but mainly funny. It was about a crippled boy named Billy in Ireland in 1934. My favorite character was Helen who was the feisty Irish girl that cussed a lot and poked fun at her little brother who was probably my second favorite. Immediately after the show we rushed to the stage door and ended up in the second row. Not bad I'd say.

 We waited for about an hour, maybe a bit less. I really wanted the whole cast to sign my program, but most of them rushed off without stopping. It was a bit sad because I'd wanted to tell them what a good job they'd done but that's okay. I'm sure they know how fabulous they are. When Daniel Radcliffe came out all hell broke loose it seemed. I managed to snap a few pictures and then stick my program out enough for him to sign it. It felt like I was fishing for his autograph, and then when he signed it I felt it go down and pulled back and voila! Next are my attempted pictures.

 We might go back to try and get my ticket signed and perhaps get a picture with him, but we'll see. The walk back was full of pretty sights and sounds.

And finally the subway back home!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's adventures headlining with the fixing of my phone!

Thanks for listening!


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