Friday, July 5, 2013

I'm Here!

Look! London! Sherlock could be in that taxi!

Yesterday was the big day and it was handled with grace and poise....well, as much grace and poise as I could muster. It should be noted that the amount aforementioned is not very much. Anyways, the drive over to the airport was fun! Friend Alex and Boyfriend drove me to the airport to see me off.

Friend Alex, Me, and Boyfriend
The airport was a little bit happy and a little bit sad. I was sad to see off Friend Alex and Boyfriend, but I was also excited to get to London. However, I have to say I despise planes. It's not so bad that I can't go on  them, I just get really nervous and antsy. I hardly ate anything yesterday, and the plane was an all nighter. 

This was about as excited as I could manage between a topsy turvy stomach and the prospect of getting on the plane. If there's any joy in my eyes at this point, it's probably something to do with my new traveling companion Kingston the Giraffe. He was a gift from Friend Alex that was supposed to be a surprise, but Boyfriend jumped the gun before we had even left town! It's okay Alex!! I still loved the surprise just as much!!

We waited at the airport in front of this nifty arch way. There wasn't much to do besides worry about the plane ride and go to the bathroom. Jordan and I almost went and got Ben and Jerry's, but it was already closed when we finally found its magic. Once we boarded the plane, I found my seat right smack dab in the middle of the entire plane. Luckily for me, I had an empty seat to my right and some random guy to my left. Getting on was a hassle as I had a lot of carry on stuff I had taken out in the air port and forgotten to put back before I got on the plane. Luckily for me, the cool woman with dreads who sat a seat away from me helped me get my carry on in the compartment. Thank you cool woman with the dreads!

This was my small dinner. It was called tortellini? It was just weird mac and cheese, so I ate it because I knew if I didn't I'd probably get sick. They also gave me a slice of swiss cheese, which I found a little bit odd but I ate what I was given with little complaint. 

The wonderful state of Missouri. 

After that I tried to go to sleep, I really really did. After I finished reading skimming through my required reading for my class, I turned on some jukebox tunes that was playing on the airline radio and closed my eyes fully prepared to get a full seven hours of sleep. Boy was I wrong. I maybe got two hours of sleep. Perhaps even less than that. It wasn't an awful flight, I just couldn't comfortably go to sleep. At least the way back is a early morning into afternoon trip, meaning I'll be awake the whole nine hours....

My airport picture

We did make it safely, and getting through the air port was not as bad as I had anticipated. I somehow managed to carry all my luggage out to the bus, where we loaded up to drive to our school. Unfortunately for me I ended up sitting right next to, what I was later informed, the bathroom. The whole hour and a half bus ride smelled of piss. I suppose singing the first song from Sweeney Todd in my head when I got off the plane jinxed me. On top of that, I had my carry on in the seat next to me in an attempt to deter people from sitting with me. However when I saw people still coming on the bus, I decided to move my stuff to the floorboard in case someone needed the seat. Someone took that seat, forcing me up against the window with my luggage pushing into my leg the entire bus ride there. I'm not saying it was miserable, but it wasn't ideal. 
Harrod's Department store!

Pretty houses
Pretty buildings
Hedge Tea Party

   When we got to the campus I unpacked and tried to get my money for my tube pass, but my debit card was having issues. It took me a few hours to get it all sorted out, but with a little help from Boyfriend and Doctor Williams I have pound notes in my dalek wallet and a full stomach of pizza. My phone died or I'd have taken more pictures of today. Tomorrow's going to be a busy day of walking and exploring London with everyone. The professors are taking us on a walking tour. I can't wait to get to know the area a bit more, but I'm especially excited for my tube pass. I'll be able to go exploring much more easily with use of the underground!

Thanks for listening!


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