Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Laid Back Kind of Day


Today was a very lazy kind of day. I went to my first lecture 30 minutes early because the time got changed on the hard copy schedule but I was using the internet not changed version. When no one was in class I ran back to the room in case I'd gotten the wrong room down. Nope. Just the time. After that I went to a rather tedious lecture before getting released for lunch.

 I went to a little pizza place around the corner and ordered me a baby pizza!

 It was just pepperoni...I wasn't feeling to experimental today. After I rushed back just in time to eat my pizza and grab my notebook, I headed on over to my second lecture of the day. It was a lot more interesting than the one before! After the lecture I finally got a working phone! I feel extremely better now.

On the way back ended up running into Friend Jordan and new Friends Clarke and Morgan. They were headed to Nando's to get dinner so I tagged along. Nando's is a chicken place that's pretty good. I just got a chicken burger, garlic bread, and fries with some kind of peri-peri seasoning on them? It was a bit spicy, but I liked it! I don't normally like spicy, but it was good.

 After a funny incident at the cross walk, we decided to go to the grocery store. On the way we found ice cream at a place called Cookies & Cream. I ended up getting a scoop of fudge brownie, it was also tasty!
After the grocery store it was back to the dorms in time to catch a good night's sleep! It was a nice change of pace with Paris this weekend!

Thanks for listening!