Monday, July 22, 2013

Markets, Museums, and Premieres! Oh my!


Today was the last day of mini-break, so naturally I had to sleep in! I ended up sleeping in until about 11 and it was so fantastic! After getting dressed  I went to see what the Camden Market was like.

After taking the tube to Camden Town I discovered that the Camden Market was fantastic! There were so many booths with all kinds of neat stuff in them! I'll probably end up going again before my trip is over for some souvenirs!

(also between uploading the pictures and actually typing things up I have developed a headache so it's going to mainly just be captions and I'm sorry, but I really want to go to bed.)

Right when I got off the subway I found another vintage shop. I didn't buy anything, but I do love digging through the clothes.
 Only a part of the Camden Market
 I kept walking in search of food to find a completely different section just down the road that I didn't even get to look through!
 I did get some food before heading off to the National History Museum to meet up with Jordan.

Strawberry Smoothie!
 After a bit of a tube ride I arrived! It was free to get in AND you could take pictures. My kind of place!

Entrance to Earth like exhibit

Nothing Lives Forever Neither Body or Solid Rock R I P 

It was pretty

 A quick note: I absolutely love dinosaurs and fuzzy've been warned.

Pretty flower

It looks like a nose

I also like shiny things


 Here come the animal exhibits:

An Elephant Bird Egg

Sign...I think you're wrong...

I don't like scorpions...


His name is Alberto!!!

T-rex...what are you doing?

That kid is a dinosaur killer

 This part was super cool! They had a t-rex and he moved and lit up and growled and stuff and it was awesome!

Don't mind if I do

He's not hugging the other dinosaur...

Oh hai!

Next came the reasons why dinosaurs weren't here anymore:

Yeah...totally aliens...

I really wanted one of these suits but they didn't have my size :(
 Now for reals it's time for fuzzy animals

That one that's hanging without his hands makes me so happy. Showing off for his siblings. 

scary bear

 Ok. After the mammals there was a human section and the following picture took place. Please don't be offended, it's just my general feelings toward the subject at hand.
Beautifully balanced my ass. 
 Out of all of the exhibits this next one was the emptiest, I don't see why...
 More animals!

Narwhal with two tusks...crazy witchcraft 

 After the museum I went home and took a nap accidentally missing dinner out with my teacher and his wife. It was so hot in the museum and I hate riding the tube with so many was just necessary. After I woke up I looked up a gelato place with food that I was planning on going to. I ended up going too far down to Leicester Square where there was a large amount of people all in one area. Confused, I walk around the square and discover it's a movie premiere for Red 2! Alright then. I continue walking trying to find the place but end up back at the square. I go into the big crowd just as they announced Bruce Willis was there. I had to stay and take some picture gelato be damned!

I might've been on Tv...

That's him with the green dress lady

You can see the top of his head!


Oh hai Bruce Willis

Yep, definitely him 

Bye Bruce Willis!  
Just for reference sake: 

That's green dress woman and you can see his shirt and tie in my pics!! 
After that I figured it was time to keep searching. I passed by Les Mis, but kept going on my journey. 

I didn't find the gelato place I was looking for. I did find this place though! And the cookie gelato was really really good! Not as good as Manchester gelato, but close.

 After that I went onward to find food. I ended up getting a chicken wrap thing and lemonade that ended up tasting like they just squeezed lemon juice into my cup. I drank it though.
And that was my day. I'm too tired to go retrieve the picture of the wrap, but it was pretty tasty.

Hopefully I'm feeling a bit better for tomorrow's day back at class.

Thanks for listening!


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